Fiesta ST Pumaspeed Racing Billet CNC Turbo Inlet - R-Sport Hard Pipe Kits

Fiesta ST Pumaspeed Racing Billet CNC Turbo Inlet - R-Sport Hard Pipe Kits

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Pumaspeed Racing Billet CNC Turbo Inlet - R-Sport Hard Pipe Kits

  • Outflows the factory unit: by over 45%.
  • Larger internal diameter throughout
  • More Induction noise and chatter
  • Billet Alloy CNC Machined inlet mouth
  • Easy-to-install direct-bolt-on design
  • Limited lifetime warranty

When Pumaspeed Racing design a new product they design it with no compromises, performance first , second and third !.
This first of its kind New Pumaspeed Racing Turbo Inlet is an easy-to-install bolt-on upgrade that eliminates any possible restriction before the turbocharger. It fits all stock frame KP39 Turbos and all hybrid units such as the X-37, X47-R.
Unlike the stainless steel or alloy fabricated units on the market today that incorporate a 43mm transition pipe, this new designed CNC Mouth and silicon elbow offer a massive 70mm-63mm cross sectional area with zero restriction directly in front of the compressor wheel which allows the engine and turbocharger to work more efficiently to achieve the most power and torque possible.

This flow increase is achieved through the smooth transition of air, all the way from the 70mm Pumaspeed inlet silicon and cross over pipe through to a new silicone that smoothly transitions from 70mm to the 60mm. It then connects to the CNC inlet mouth.where it is immediately channeled into the turbocharger mouth giving no loss  or restriction of any type.
Keeping this cross-sectional area as large as possible is the key to the pipe's performance gains, it greatly outflows smooth looking continuously tapering designs.

When combined with the R-Sport cross over pipe this Pumaspeed Racing Turbocharger Inlet System outflows the factory components by up to 45%.
The new CNC machined turbo inlet mouth has a massive 46mm inlet connection to the turbocharger which matches the X47R precisely so we suggest to all X47R users that this new unit be used to maximize the response and flow. When coupled to the R-Sport cross over this unit has proven flow of over 350bhp.

The unit is fully compatible with most alloy cross over pipes but will need a straight 63mm coupler to enable it to fit to the stock Ford plastic cross over.

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