Turbosmart Fiesta ST Kompact EM BOV Plumb Back VR2

Turbosmart Fiesta ST Kompact EM BOV Plumb Back VR2

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Part Number:TS-0203-1266
The Kompact EM series combines world leading electronics and 20 years of blow off valve technology together to provide rapid response. The EM series is a true plug and play upgrade for OE electronic diverter valves. Featuring patent-pending pressure control, these units are faster than OE, don't leak and don't interfere with OE control systems.

  • Patent pending integrated pressure control

  • True plug and play upgrade

  • Responds 57 times faster than a blink of an eye

  • Integrated proprietary high-temperature solenoid valve

  • Billet construction with high temperature o-rings

  • Available in plumb back or dual port options

  • Leak-free design, over 400% compared to OE

The unique patent pending pressure control allows for the fastest responding valve on the market, a true plug and play upgrade diverter valve without additional hardware required, no hoses, no adapters, no brackets, just replace the standard unit.

Billet construction and high temp proprietary materials allow for minimal leakage and maximum performance

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