Pwnall Performance PP-XT62 Hybrid Turbocharger w/Turbosmart WGA (430HP capable)

Pwnall Performance PP-XT62 Hybrid Turbocharger w/Turbosmart WGA (430HP capable)

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Uprated BPV/BOV (Required)
Aux fuel (required for max power on ethanol)
Rear motor mount bundle
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Introducing the PP-XT62 Focus ST / Fusion 2.0 (13-16) hybrid turbocharger.  

It's a well known and widely accepted fact that the OEM turbo just doesn't flow enough air to satisfy most focus st owners.  Big turbo upgrades can introduce unwanted turbo lag and come with a higher price tag.  This turbo lag can change the feel and response of the car that you know and love.  If you want to keep your stock turbo response and add an additional 80whp (93 octane), or an additional 120 whp (e30) over your 93 octane stage 3 setup then this is the right turbo for you!

  • 1 year / 12,000 mile warranty
  • All components hand machined and assembled in the USA
  • Direct Bolt on replacement
  • Proprietary high flow turbine wheel
  • Proprietary high flow compressor wheel
  • Precision machined turbine housing for increased flow over competitor hybrids.
  • Heavy duty thrust bearing assembly and CHRA
  • Stock turbo boost response
  • 380whp capable on race gas or ethanol

A hybrid turbo not like other hybrids, we stand by our product and reliability is our number one focus which is why our turbos come with a 1 year warranty or 12,000 miles which ever comes first.

** Numbers may vary based on dyno calibrations **

Power capabilities with quality fuel :
  • 320 whp 91 octane fuel
  • 340 whp 93 octane fuel
  • 380 whp e30 (e85 mixed with 91/93)  **pending dyno verification**

The stratified 2 port aux fuel kit is highly recommended to get all the power possible from this turbo. 350 whp should be obtainable with e20/e30 on the stock fuel system depending on mods.

The use of this turbo requires an upgraded actuator (included in price) and an upgraded BPV or BOV as the OEM plastic BPV can leak or fail with higher boost pressures.

If response and stock feel is important to you, then the PP-XT62 is definitely the turbo for you!

Additional oem parts not included, but required for installation:

Turbocharger gasket (CJ5Z-9448-A)
Oil return line (CJ5Z-6L092-B)
Oil return line gasket (CJ5Z-6N652-A)
Oil supply line (AG9Z-6K679-C)

We recommend purchasing these parts from to ensure the best price and fastest delivery.

*** Return Policy ***

This product is not eligible for returns or refunds. If the product was damaged upon arrival the customer has 5 business days to contact us so that we can work towards getting the unit exchanged for a replacement unit.

*** Warranty Information ***

A 1 year or 12,000 miles warranty is provided by Pwnall Performance and a replacement unit will be provided once the unit has been received and passed inspection to ensure failure was not caused by improper installation, tuning or damaged by the customer in other ways. If the turbo inspection shows signs of lack of lubrication (oil), installation error, or over spinning (tuning error) the warranty the claim will be denied and the customer will be responsible for repairs to the unit and shipping costs.

*** Installation and Break in ***

We recommend professional installation for installing this part to your vehicle. During the installation process, it is recommended to use a new oil return line gasket, a turbo to downpipe gasket, and manifold to turbo gasket which can be purchased from as a highly discounted price. During the turbo install process you must drain the old oil and replace the filter with a recommended Motorcraft FL-400S filter and re fill with new oil. Upon starting the vehicle for the first time please allow the vehicle to idle for 10-15 minutes to allow proper lubrication of the new turbo assembly. Please allow for 50-60 miles of normal driving on a base tune before going wide open throttle as this allows time for the turbo to properly break in. After putting around 1,000->1,500 miles on the turbo we recommend changing the oil again with a new oil filter after the turbo has been broken in fully. We highly recommend amsoil 5w30 signature series, however most 5w30 oils will suffice.

*** Tuning Information ***

When tuning it is not recommended to exceed boost pressures in excess of 26 psi after 5,500 rpm (over spinning) as it may result in failure of the unit. It is not worth running higher than 26 psi up top regardless as the turbo will output more heat which will result in loss of power and an increase in knock. We recommend using Stratified for your tuning needs when tuning PP-XT62 hybrid turbos due to their vast experience with the platform. Our PP-XT62 comes with a turbosmart 14 psi wga pre installed and calibrated for 1 bar (14~ psi) to prevent user error.  It is advised that you do not modify or re calibrate the wga as it may void your warranty if the turbo was overspun as a result of adjusting this.

*** This product is not legal for use in the state of California on public roads, or highway and only may be used for dedicated off-road vehicles which may never be used, registered, or licensed for use upon a public road, or highway. Please refer to our C.A.R.B policy for more information ***

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