Fiesta ST Bosch Motorsport Uprated HPFP 200+ BAR

Fiesta ST Bosch Motorsport Uprated HPFP 200+ BAR

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Bosch Injector Upgrade (+30% more flow)

Bosch MotorSport High Pressure Fuel Pump 220 Bar - Pumaspeed

  • Genuine Bosch Motorsport Componentt
  • Direct bolt on but pipework will need to be changed to suit application
  • 200-220 Bar Operating window without extra pump tappet load

At Last a high flow high pressure fuel pump for the EcoBoost motors.
This unit is a direct bolt on to the engine for all ecoboost engine and uses the same lift from the camshaft drive to give an operating pressure of over 200 bar without extra load on the tappet.

The Maximum fuel pressure the Ford stock ecoboost pump can create is around 180 Bar but at over 165 bar the load on the camshaft tappet is far too high and this leads to premature wear and eventual lack of fuel pressure and therefore power.
If your mapping does not take account for this lack of pressure you will damage the engine.

This Motorsport Pump will create over 200 bar without any extra load on the tappet.

The exit and entry ports may need small alterations to the conection pipes to affect installation on the EcoBoost engine of your choice.

*** This product is not legal for sale, or use in the state of California on public roads, or highway and only may be used for dedicated off-road vehicles which may never be used, registered, or licensed for use upon a public road, or highway. Please refer to our C.A.R.B policy here for more information ***

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